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Story Behind

TICKFILM Introduction

"A fresh way to discover & watch entertainment content with friends"

A social network dedicated to movie lovers & documentary buffs. We are the nerdville of film and we shout it proudly. This was a long time coming but we made it happen for everyone to enjoy. Swipe left and let us explain the magic...

TICKFILM Explanation

"Confess, confess, you do it too haha!"

Here's our confession; yes we love films, yes we love documentaries, yes we love sharing in all of the above buut… we spend more time searching than we do watching them. Yep guilty! So to resolve all this we made TickFilm.

We got tired to falling asleep on the movie search menus haha. Yep, we're all guilty of it. Can't decide on what to watch and so the search loop swallows you up whole!


"Our big computer robot thinga-majig...give us more films!"

We're here to help and...so are your friends. Our super-computer will help you decide based on what you already love.
But the comp can't take all the credit...your friends will play a BIG role too. They might already know the answer and decide to upload their recent watches to their TF sotry.

AND if you're feeling lazy, no sweat. You can just browse their Ticklists and see what's top rated.

TICKFILM Advantages

It's all a kids dream, so don't take it too serious. Create that ticklist ASAP!

We wanted to add as many fun features as possible! From showing what streaming apps the movies are available on, to creating Ticklists, to bantering in fun group chats. It's all about making the movie experience feel fresh again...even if you're home alone.

Clearly our mission is more than simply finding the next best thing, it's about community. We genuinely want to provide a fun space for you to share in.

P.s Look out for our original content coming soon. *frosty hint hint

Enjoy your perfect movie night, wherever you like just with TICKFILM App*

*popcorn not included

Explore our best features



Alright, Amber... no more pirate references... we promise.
But this screen right here is where we get you onboard. All the main features of the app are displayed here for you to have a look at.



Jumanji Junkie?
Bridgerton Binger?
David Attenborough Documentary Degenerate?
Don't worry... despite those harsh words we don't judge. Really!
Forget what mom told you about square eyes, we want you to carry on watching YOUR way.
Introducing, your TickList.
This'll help you spend less time scrambling through stuff you don't want to watch.
No more arguing with your annoying mates about what to watch on movie night.
Just TickList, then chill



Explore to your heart's content. The TickFilm browse feature allows you to filter through the catalogue according to genre, film length, and more.

Also, be sure to look out for the new promoted trailers from hard working studios who want to bring their story to you.



When you've found something that everyone needs to know INSTANTLY, you can let them know in the app with a couple of quick taps.
No more copying links here and pasting into messages there—leave that to grandma and grandpa on Facebook.



Our intelligent algorithm will suggest your next watch in the home screen, using your watch data and your TickList.
You'll only get what you want to see here



Like Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon, you've gotta have everything under control.
Head over to your dash to change app settings to suit you, view and you're your profile, and get in touch with the admins through this page



And finally, if all else has failed, your trusty search screen.
If you can't find what you're looking for in the lists, or you just want to explore something new, or find anything at all, use our extensive search feature.

What People Say?

Nice idea guys! A fusion between gram & netflix lol!

Jonny TheKid

Haha this is nice! Anytime I see a cool movie advert it gets added to my TickList!

Jimmy T

The movie save feature is sweet. Definitely recommend this! Looking forward to chat updates guys :)


I'll make it quick - if you love docs & films...this is for u. Simples

Yemi O

Nice idea guys! A fusion between gram & Netflix lol!

Jonny TheKid

Haha this is nice! Anytime I see a cool movie advert it gets added to my TickList!

Jimmy T

One Click away and all your movies-related needs will be handled by this amazing app


I said it first... #TickFilm&Chat in full effect lol! The movie share feature in messages is sick :)

Yemi O

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